Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I had to highlight this digression from the most recent episode of Paul F. Tompkin's comedic podcast the Pod F. Tompkast, it so perfectly captures a feeling I've had for years but have never quite put into words.

For those who aren't listeners of the show (you're missing out) the opening always consists of a freewheeling stream-of-consciousness monologue improvised by Tompkins. This week the topics ricocheted from his view that Wes Anderson has a perfect track record to Tommy Wiseau's The Room to this off-the-cuff aside about the intentional watching of bad movies:

....The Room, a movie everyone tells you you should see, but you don't need to. Because, ladies and gentlemen, life is short. You are not made of time. I know it's exciting when somebody says, "Oh, this is so awful you have to see it" But - how 'bout this - think of all the movies you don't see when somebody says, "This is so good you have to see it." See those first. Make sure you see all the good sounding movies first. Then you can get around to all the awful sounding movies. You owe it to yourself.
Folks this is the wisdom of middle age talking to you. When I was a young man - "when I wore a younger man's clothes" - oh, I'd go to bad movies on purpose. In the theater. I wasn't even renting them with them on in the background, doing other stuff while they were playing. I would, like, put on clothes and spend money to go see these dumb movies. And I thought it was both a hoot and a holler. Such is the province of the young. (sigh) This wasting of time. 

Nailed it.

I'm not immune to the joys of the so-bad-it's-good movie experience. I recently watched Sucker Punch for exactly this reason and my roommate and I had a grand old time yukking it up. But when friends who have never seen Raging Bull, Lawrence of Arabia or 25th Hour inform that they are gleefully anticipating The Expendables because the addition of Chuck Norris guarantees it will suck even worse than the first, I am baffled. Bad movies are an occasional treat not a way of life. I want to grab them by the lapels and inform them they're frittering their life away, but if I do this then somehow I'm the eccentric one.

You can download the Pod F Tomkast here for free or on iTunes, and I highly recommend you do. It requires no protective layers of irony to be enjoyed. It's so good it's good.

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